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Albuterol - ( Specifies the medication albuterol... Is albuterol available as a generic drug?... prevention and treatments such as asthma medications and inhalers.... September 20, 2017<br/><a href="clovate-cream-generic.html#generic" title="clovate cream generic u2"><img src="img/m/e/9/me97776b6f2b37450f59ae240bd9f9ef6o0.jpg" alt="clovate cream generic i2" title="Questions and Answers on Final Rule of Albuterol MDI’s v2"/></a><br/>Is there a generic alternative to the branded albuterol inhalers? There is currently no generic albuterol inhaler. view references. ProAir® HFA...... September 19, 2017<br/><span><iframe src="" width="320" height="265" frameborder="0"></iframe><br/>Comments about this video:<br/></span><br/>Reuters: Inhaler Ban Boosts Costs For People With Asthma... 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